Alen Agaronov

Doctoral Student, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Secondary Field, Critical Media Practice, Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

New Civics is primarily embodied in Alen's research on participatory action research, also commonly abbreviated as PAR. Alen was first introduced to PAR

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Silvia Diazgranados

Silvia Diazgranados

Doctoral Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Silvia studies the multi-level factors that influence the development of citizenship competencies in young people, and apply this knowledge designing, implementing and evaluating the effect citizenship education programs with at-risk students in international settings.  Read more about Silvia Diazgranados

Janet Kwok

Dr. Janet Kwok

Ed.D. (2014), Harvard Graduate School of Education
Ed.M. (2008), Harvard Graduate School of Education

Janet works on internet and society issues, specifically on understanding and measuring the changing influence of media institutions and individuals.

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Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee

Doctoral Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Ashley is exploring issues at the intersection of digital media and youth’s civic and political expression. As part of R&D

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