Brent D. Maher

Dr. Brent D. Maher

Director of Academic Assessment, Davidson College
Ed.D. (2019) Harvard Graduate School of Education
Brent Maher

In Fall 2017, Brent Maher began serving as the Director of Academic Assessment at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. In this role, he assists the college in establishing and assessing learning outcomes for the liberal arts, majors, and courses. Brent's scholarly interests focus on the history of higher education policy with particular attention to debates between higher education and government regarding the public purposes of higher education. His most recent work investigated congressional scrutiny of Stanford's accounting of federal research dollars used for indirect costs and the context for federally sponsord research at the end of the Cold War. Brent has also studied a controversial provision in the National Defense of Education Act of 1958 which required student loan beneficiaries to swear their loyalty to the United States Government and sign an affidavit that they had not associated with subversive organizations. 

While at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Brent served as a Doctoral Fellow at the Collaborative on Academic Careers on Higher Education (COACHE), which conducts two national surveys of faculty related to job satisfaction and factors influencing their decisions to stay or leave when they receive external job offers. Brent was a lead author on the latter survey, which was sponsored by the University of California Office of the President. Brent also served as a Teaching Fellow for two courses: The History of American Higher Education and Civic Education and Civic Action: Theory, Research and Practice.

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