Emily Weinstein

Dr. Emily Weinstein

Postdoctoral Fellow, Project Zero
Ed.D. (2017), Harvard Graduate School of Education
Emily Weinstein
Emily Weinstein is a postdoctoral fellow at Project Zero, a research center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her research explores how social technologies shape the lives of kids and teens. Emily's current project, with Carrie James and Howard Gardner, examines the personal, moral, ethical, and civic dilemmas of tweens’ and teens’ digital lives, with a focus on pedagogical approaches to support digital citizenship. Her research interests also include:
Digital stress and digital citizenship. Emily’s analyses of teens’ posts to MTV’s A Thin Line platform investigate the technology-related social challenges faced by contemporary youth (Weinstein & Selman, 2014, New Media & Society; Weinstein, Selman, Thomas, Kim, White, & Dinakar, 2015, Journal of Adolescent Research). Outside of her academic research, Emily also works regularly with Common Sense Media’s Education team on the development of open access programs and resources related to digital citizenship.
Civic and political expression online. Through her work with The Good Participation Project (part of MacArthur’s Youth and Participatory Politics Research Network), Emily studied how young civic actors approach civic and political expression on social media (Weinstein, 2014, International Journal of Communication), as well as how and why their expression patterns shift over time (Weinstein, Rundle, & James, 2015, International Journal of Communication).
Social media and psychosocial well-being. In her dissertation work, Emily's mixed-methods study of social media and adolescents' everyday well-being emphasized variation in youths' digital experiences. Her experimental investigation of social browsing underscores differential responses to passive Instagram use (Weinstein, 2017, Computers in Human Behavior), and her holistic examination of individuals' social media experiences suggests a 'see-saw' comprised of multiple positive and negative influences. Emily is currently working with the Nock Lab to investigate the clinical implications of adolescents' networked experiences.