Maung Nyeu

Maung Nyeu

Doctoral Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Maung  Nyeu

Maung Nyeu’s research focuses on the intersection of language, culture, and identity, as well as moral and civic education using cultural resources of indigenous communities. He authored and published indigenous story and culture based children’s books and multilingual children’s picture dictionaries. He is a contributing author of books published by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Maung is the founder and executive director of Our Golden Hour, an organization committed to extending educational opportunities for children in marginalized indigenous communities and underserved areas. He builds schools for orphan children and leads initiatives on endangered indigenous language revitalization. Collaborating with Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School of Education, and other local and global organizations, he designs programs based on cultural narratives of indigenous peoples. Maung Nyeu’s work has been featured in Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard South Asia Institute, BBC, Smithsonian Institution, and the National Geographic Society. Maung comes from the Marma Indigenous community in the mountains of Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. He obtained Engineering degree from University of Hawaii, MBA from University of Southern California, and Ed.M. from Harvard University.

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