Silvia Diazgranados

Dr. Silvia Diazgranados

Ed.D. (2016), Human Development and Education
Senior Researcher for Education, International Rescue Committee
Silvia Diazgranados

Silvia studies the multi-level factors that influence the development of citizenship competencies in young people, and applies this knowledge to designing, implementing and evaluating the effect citizenship education programs with at-risk students in international settings. She is the founder of Juegos de Paz in Colombia, an education for peace program that has been implemented in 35 rural schools of areas highly affected by violence. She is currently Senior Researcher for Education at the International Rescue Committee and a Researcher with the Global Education Innovation Initiative. Prior to coming to HGSE, Silvia conducted clinical and research work with victims and perpetrators from the Colombian armed conflict, including former child soldiers, paramilitary and guerrilla members that were in the process of reintegration to civic society. Silvia was a 2014-2015 Fellow at the Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics and a 2015-16 Exchange Fellow at Tel Aviv University. In addition to an Ed.D. with the Harvard Graduate School of Education,  Silvia holds a MA in Prevention Science and Practice from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and BA degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Los Andes in Colombia.

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