Conflict, education and youth


Dryden-Peterson, S., Bellino, M.J. & Chopra, V., 2014. Conflict, education and youth. In International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Elsevier (Oxford, UK), pp. 632-638.
Conflict, education and youth


This article explores the multiple and complex relationships between conflict, education, and youth. We begin by outlining conceptions of education, youth, and conflict, as they vary across legal, social, and physical spaces. Drawing on global examples, we explore the ways education plays a role in instigating, reinforcing, escalating, mitigating, resolving, and preventing conflict. We then examine the psychological, social, economic, and political dimensions of the youth experience and the ways in which they are influenced by living in a conflict setting. Finally, we analyze the role of education in understanding the links between youth and conflict, focusing on access to high quality and relevant education that connects to future prospects for individual youth and their communities.

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